This one time, Sheldon and Anna said “I Do” and it was the prettiest, sweetest day in history. Anyone who knows Anna knows that she has the kindest soul and some impeccable taste! Not only does she have great taste in fashion, jewelry and decor, but also in the people she surrounds herself with. The most supportive family has cheered her on when she left our tiny town to chase dreams in Chicago, and friends visit often for days spent in the city. She met Sheldon, a person just as kind hearted as herself with a family just as wonderful. They both share the same values and have a faith so strong it could move mountains. Only pure joy and excitement was present as Sheldon straightened up his bow tie and Anna slipped into her gorgeous beaded gown.

Love beamed during the ceremony for reasons beyond words. Before Anna walked down the aisle arm and arm with her two brothers, a note was read from her late father spoken by her Godfather. Everyone bowed their heads to soak in that moment, to pray, to reflect. These beautiful words marked the perfect beginning to her new life and was a reminder of what marriage is all about. Family, faith and memories.

So much fun was had cursing in a Limo, sipping champagne, snapping photos and having mini dance parties. If you couldn’t tell, I was in picture Heaven – I mean, how could I not be with a day surrounded by peonies, bow ties, tattoos of each other’s names and polka dots? You know I love my polka dots! The most amazing speeches were said at the reception and the band Diamond with their soulful, Motown vibe is to thank for keeping the dance floor full with those incredible voices. I learned something from Sheldon and Anna while spending the day with them, and that is to breath deep, be grateful and enjoy the little things. They are two people who count their blessings each day and treat everyone like family. Without a doubt, they will enjoy every single second as Mr. and Mrs. My heart is so full.

Meet: Mr. and Mrs. FRANKLIN! :

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Now, go right ahead and look through these 100 times, I know I sure will!

A GIANT thank you to all of wonderful vendors!

Bride’s Dress: Miss Ruby’s Bridal // Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridal Elegance // Groom/Groomsmen attire: Macy’s // Ceremony: Holy Rosary Church // Reception: Hilton Milwaukee // Band: Diamond // Cake: The Cake Lady // Hair/Makeup: Abbey DeGroot // Florals: Petals Floral Design // Videographer: Old Cinema Videography

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