Life is too short to not do what you love, and doing what you love takes a lot of heart. I have a lot of heart for people, for catching moments that are candid and real, for creating a collection of photos for you to have and keep and hold tight forever. I want you to feel the love in your photographs, I want you to remember everything from the way the sunshine felt that day to when your heart skipped a beat at the end of that aisle. I am inspired by those emotions, the outdoors, pretty light, wind in hair, eclectic vibes, travel, anything floral, and photo collections that tell stories.

Aside from taking photos, my favorite place to be is up north at our cottage in Elcho, Wisconsin. It is where our family comes together to love and laugh and maybe drink one beer too many. Having fun and enjoying life’s little adventures is what it’s all about! I love to paint and to teach. I love my family a crazy amount. I love to clear the living room floor only to sit on it and craft all day. I love kindness, I believe in community over competition, and I think that gratitude goes a long way. I can’t wait to hear from you, about your favorite loves and your new adventures to come!

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